Frontline Farnham

About Frontline Farnham

Frontline Farnham, started in 2017 under the name Farnham Money Advice and is a branch of Frontline Debt Advice (UK), a charity that has offices across the South of England.  We provide free and confidential debt and benefit advice to anyone, irrespective of race, religion, age, gender or disability, who is in financial distress.

The service has been formed out of a concern for the community and a conviction that we should care for one another.

What We Do

We deal with creditors on your behalf to stop you receiving threatening letters and speak with them to arrange monthly repayments to a level that also allows you and your family to have enough money to live on. Creditors may include mortgage companies, utility companies, HMRC, local government, banks, credit card companies and other lenders.

Some of our clients are paying only £1 a month to each creditor!

We also offer a variety of other ways of supporting you including:

  • The opportunity to apply for a Debt Relief Order if your overall liability is below £15,000.  This will wipe out your debt.
  • Assistance in defending County Court Summonses.
  • Help with County Court finance matters including bankruptcy and court fines.
  • Working with bailiffs to agree workable alternative arrangements.
  • Assisting you at independent tribunals.

Our Advisers

Our volunteer advisors have many years’ experience working in this field. They often liaise with government and other agencies to provide a totally confidential, free service to anyone in need, regardless of background or belief.  All our advisors are fully trained and DBS checked. They update their skills regularly.

Would you like to become a Frontline Farnham volunteer? If you want to know more please get in touch.

Our Ethos

Frontline Farnham, Frontline Debt Advice (UK) & FCCT are faith-based organisations, we want to help everyone who needs assistance, regardless of race, colour, sexual orientation, disability, belief or anything else.  You just have to be someone in need of our help and we will seek to provide it.

What is Frontline?

Frontline has helped people like you for over twenty-five years. We help people deal with their debts, and our method works! Frontline is a charity, and our services are free. We hold a license with the Financial Conduct Authority. Frontline delivers its services in different ways – each appropriate to the needs of the local community and the resources of local volunteers. We rely on funding through grants and donations from companies, churches and individuals, as well as our own fundraising efforts. Try Frontline, we want to help!