Frontline Farnham

Your Questions...

Who can use the Frontline Farnham service?

Anyone! In line with the code of practice of Frontline Debt Advice (UK), we will aim to provide independent, confidential, non-judgmental, competent advice to anyone who needs it regardless of their background or beliefs.

What does it cost?

Nothing! Anyone who requests advice from Frontline will receive it absolutely free of charge.

Is it confidential?

Completely! We will however, discuss cases amongst advisors for training purposes, and to share experience with certain situations and problems. In such cases names and addresses remain confidential, and it is the facts of the case which are discussed.

What does Frontline Farnham do to help?

If you accept our help, then we basically step into the gap between you and your creditors, negotiating repayment agreements on your behalf, or trying to get debts written off or reduced if circumstances make that the only alternative.

Part of what we do to help you regain control of your finances is to produce a financial statement (budget) of your income and expenditure. If you would like to do this to see where you stand financially each month, we can help you formulate your financial statement.

Does the Frontline Farnham system work?

The simple answer is ‘YES.’

Frontline Farnham is part of Frontline Debt Advice (UK) and since 1989 they have assisted several thousands of people with debt problems and many of them are now debt free or have their debt under control. Most of the population have some debt; it is when it is out of control, that help is required.

It normally takes some years to get into a mess, so it will probable also take some years to resolve the problem. Frontline can negotiate with your creditors, check to see if you are entitled to any further benefit assistance and help you learn the way to financial health.

When is Frontline Farnham open?

We currently have drop-in or appointment sessions between 11am and 1pm on a Friday at The Vineyard Centre, Church House, Farnham.

Our phone number however is available 24-hours a day, and you can always leave a message and we will get back to you.

Do you make home visits?

At the current time, we do not have the staff or budget to be able to visit you at home, except in special circumstances, for example extreme ill heath or disablement.

I’m at work during the day, when can I see you for advice?

We normally ask our clients to try to come and see us when the office is open, however if this is impossible, we will try to make a convenient arrangement, so that we can see you.

Do I have to take your advice?

We will never take away your freedom to make decisions and will never do anything against your wishes. However we hope that as our client you will accept our advice and together we can seek to resolve your problems.